Back-Alley Treasure Trove

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Scorching, Blue-Collar, LGBTQ+, Pansex, Non-Monogamy, hints of D/s.

Scheduled for publication on 12/15/2020


Businesswoman Dawn Bradford isn’t normally uptight, even if she walks like she is sometimes. When she meets hot-shot chef in training Michael Marshall, however, more than just their love lives get shaken up. As they explore deep, dark, and secret places, the tension between them boils over. Can he learn to be humble and follow someone else’s lead? Can she learn to appreciate the finer aesthetics of life and his unique passions?

Back-Alley Treasure Trove is the stand-alone second novel in the Trashy Romance series of scorching, blue-collar, sex-positive, LGBTQ+ inclusive love stories.


TRASHY ROMANCE – Back-Alley Treasure Trove (BOOK 2)

This sample may contain adult language and themes. Only open if you are an adult and affirm you want to read this content.

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