I swear, World, you will not stop me!

I started writing the new book yesterday, then it stormed like crazy and water started flowing into my house like a river… I didn’t get much done on the book.

But I’ve got a plan, and after a late run to the hardware store for materials, I’ll really get to work. I’ll show you, World, I’m writing this book AND fixing my house.

Take that! (But seriously, if you could chill for a bit, that’d be great.)

All up in that romance

I decided to write some romance, some hot, steamy, contemporary romance. Mmm. I finished the first book–all 80k words of it–and it’s now at the proofer! I wrote the second book’s outline during the ‘let it sit’ phase of the first book, and it’s a beast: 9,500 words… Today, I’m beginning the sequel. I told my pals in the local chapter of the Romance Writers of America that I’m going to write 9,500 additional words this week, and I’ve got 5 full days to make it happen. I’d like to have this book written by the end of September, edited…

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A Year of Renovations

In 2017, I published the first 5 books in the Infinite Vampire series. I did it, but it was a brutal amount of work and it nearly killed me! After the last book was published, I took a short break and finally found a house we wanted. We bought it in Nov. ’17. A year has passed, and I’ve done very little writing. I’ve done a lot of legal work on the Infinite Vampire brand, ran promotions, fixed all known typos and tweaked the book covers, and I worked on setting up the audiobooks, but I didn’t publish anything new.…

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