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Hi, I’m M! I love vampires, pizza, Kung Fu, motorcycles, and a lot of other eclectic stuff. I started writing when I was in high-school, a long time ago. The things I wrote were mostly little stories about dragons, magic, mystical energies, and other worlds.

I’ve always loved mythology, and I studied comparative mythology and literature in college. I mostly enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction, and I get a special kick when it’s mixed with some reality.

I’m currently writing, directing, producing, coding, coordinating, and explodifying my projects: Infinite Vampire, Trashy Romance, and Freestyle Haiku. When I’m not working–which is a thing I swear I do sometimes–I might be out and about on my motorcycle near Durham, NC, or playing with my dogs at Eno River (they love to swim!).

If you think you might like the stories I’m creating, please give my fan list a try. Sign up to receive a few of my emails and get a free short story! I only send out exclusive content and ultra big announcements through that list. I don’t sell or spam the list, that’s not how I roll.

If you ever have a question or comment for me, email me: M(at)MLORROX.COM.