Kung Fu

I’ve studies many martial arts, but my heart is in Kung Fu. I’ve studied Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Wu Su for over a decade, and I have obtained a rank that allows me to teach it.

I’ve also studied a little Northern Shaolin Seven-Star Praying Mantis, but only for about a year.

While my life made it hard to stay in Kung Fu shape while I overcame ordeals, I’m now fighting my way back. Starting in June 2019, I decided to change my body back to one that was fit and strong. Starting in November 2019, I decided to reattain my martial arts fitness.

2020 will see me return to active training. 2021 may see me teaching.

There’s more to the story than just fitness and practice however; it’s discipline and ideology. I’m a monk of sorts; Monk Matto, and while that personality was separate from my professional life for a long time, I’m now allowing them to coexist.

I expect they–and I–will flourish.

Here’s a baby-faced college-aged Matto performing a Square Punch, and here’s a similar (but exceptionally different) Matto of near 40 performing the same technique. (PUT PHOTO HERE. I’m still building out this website.)

Follow along my journey in my blog in the Kung Fu category, to see how I am transitioning from an injuring recovering, slightly chubby, man near age 40 to a fit and strong Kung Fu Warrior.