First of all, THANK YOU!

At this stage in my career, reviewsand lots of themare incredibly important. I really appreciate you taking the time to post reviews of my work.

It’s unethical for me to offer you anything in exchange for your review, so I’ll just say that I value the time you’re giving to me, and it inspires me to make more great content that you’ll love. ♥

All links in this table point offsite to retailers or websites where you can post an honest review.

BOOK Amazon iBooks Google Play Barnes & Noble Kobo Goodreads BookBub
SOPHIA’S JOURNAL Amazon (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) Goodreads BookBub*
BLOOD 4 LIFE Amazon (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) Goodreads BookBub
QUEEN’S GAMBIT Amazon (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) Goodreads BookBub
MAELSTROM Amazon (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) Goodreads BookBub
ANTIVENOM Amazon (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) (coming!) Goodreads BookBub


*SOPHIA’S JOURNAL isn’t on BookBub because it isn’t sold as an eBook

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