For Fans!

First of all, THANK YOU!

Writing the best books I can (and publishing them professionally) is incredibly challenging, but hearing people rave about my characters and exciting stories makes it worth it. I really wouldn’t be doing this without you. ♥

The best way we can stay in touch is through email.

I get a lot of emails, and most of them aren’t very fun. My goal is to send you something, about once a month, that makes you smile. 

Besides emailing exclusive content that I don’t let other people see, I have special locked areas of this site where I post extra insider content that your subscription unlocks! On the Freebies page, I have links to join my Discord server (it’s for chat), I show fans what goes on behind the scenes through videos, and more! 

I also try and respond to EVERY SINGLE EMAIL that fans send back to me!

I promise to treat your email address like it was my own, by keeping it safe, by not sharing it or selling it, and by only sending quality messages. If at any time you decide you don’t want to get my mail anymore, just unsubscribe! No worries.

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To connect with me on Goodreads, click here, then click on the Follow Author button under my photo. You can post questions for me that other readers will see, and you’ll be notified when I run book giveaways and make big announcements.

You’ll also see what I’m reading and what I’m hoping to read next! These are a few of my bookshelves:

Additional Author Profiles:

Additional Author Profiles:

Additional Author Profiles:

Join my Facebook group!

I recently started a private Facebook group just for fans, called Most Marvelous!

Unlike my M. Lorrox Facebook page, which is only my feed, fans and I can actually interact through the new group. There are rules, like don’t be a jerk, don’t post things that aren’t relevant to the group, and don’t promote other things, but it’s a place where we can chat, where you can chat with other fans, and we can post stupid stickers and stuff. 🙂

Help me make it fun, will ya?

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