Short Stories

I like to share my short stories, either by sending them to the most brilliant people in the world (everyone who joins my mailing list), or by hiding them as easter eggs online. Currently, there’s only one story that I send out and one that is hidden and waiting to be found.

That will change soon! I’m not sure which story I’ll finish and send out alongside my new romance series, but it WILL happen.

Here are the stories I’ve written or am working on.

Completed Stories:

  • Spectral Knights: The Boundary
    • Fantasy
    • The Spectral Knights are semi-supernatural beings (akin to angels and demons) who inhabit a dystopian world made of two planes of existence: physical and spiritual.
  • Life Blood 4
    • Paranormal
    • This is an easter egg in the Infinite Vampire series that involves demons and demon-fighters.

Stories in Progress:

  • Te Grve: Fmlee (YA Fantasy)
  • The Hotel (Erotica)
  • Queen of the Sea (Fantasy, Erotic Romance)
  • When HARRI Met SALEE (Sci-fi, Sweet Romance)

Planned Stories:

  • Suzie and the Alien (Sci-fi)
  • Corpir Artifact #289 (Sci-fi)
  • The White Flowers that Bloom in the Square (Sci-fi)
  • Eat Me Inc. (Horror)