I’ve loved reading ever since I was a kid. I first got into fiction when I saw a slightly older kid (who I thought was insanely cute) reading Jurassic Park. Well, after a conversation and a trip to the hotel’s little gift shop, I too was reading Micheal Crichton, and a passion awoke.

After I read ALL of his fiction (at the time), I moved on to Stephen King. O.O

Then I ventured out farther, and found Ursula K. Le Guin, and hundreds of other authors.

Finally, I was inspired to write.

I’ve written the Infinite Vampire series that you can learn about here.

I’m writing a contemporary romance series, that you can’t read about yet at all 😉

And I’ve written a couple shorts (2020 will see me publish many more), and you can read about them, here.

What’s next? I’ve got a one-off Gothic horror in the works, and of course, an epic high fantasy complete with magic systems and ‘save the world as we know it’ stakes. But those have to wait until after the romance series comes out. 🙂