Crypto is Cool!


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True fact: M. Lorrox loves crypto.

Did you know that I wrote about a family of (cough-vampire-cough) cryptocurrency miners in my first novel, BLOOD 4 LIFE? They happened to be mining alt-coins and were living peacefully until…hold up, I don’t need to tell that story right now, you can read it on your own time.

Point is, crypto is awesome and Ethereum is where it’s at!

In addition to publishing my work in ebook and print formats, I also am creating limited edition, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs, or crypto collectibles) on the Ethereum blockchain. Read about each project below, and find/buy them on

If you’re into crypto too, chat with me! I’m active on Discord as Matto#7777 and Twitter as @MLorrox and @Matto_Rocks.

BLOOD 4 LIFE (Infinite Vampire, #1)

 An Urban Fantasy, Action & Adventure Novel.

Stay living in secret—in peace—or help the humans with their “zombie problem” and risk having the life you’ve built torn to pieces? One vampire family faces such a dilemma, and whether they like it or not, they’re about to have the biggest adventure of their lives.

Read about this popular book and see an epic sneak preview with comic-book style art on its dedicated page. There, you’ll also find links to all the retailers and places where you can buy the 100k+ word ebook for only $0.99!

Check out the NFTs on Rarible.

A Fantasy Serial Where YOU Are The Main Character.

In a world of opposites and contrasts, chaos threatens all. But man and spirit are not alone in their strife, and the spectral knights must play their part. Will the world be saved and be reborn? Or will it be saved through utter destruction?

Either way, it’s up to ‘you’ to make the difference.

Read the story, installment by installment, on the main project page.

Check out the NFTs on Rarible.

A Fantasy Serial With Patron Interaction!

They thought they were in the right building for class, but instead, they were in the right building for survival. Six months later, a new world awaits them; a foreign, dangerous, and terrifying world.

Do these three, hormone-riddled college kids have what it takes to make it? There’s only one way to find out!

Read the story, installment by installment, on the main project page.

Check out the NFTs on Rarible.

I bet you’re wondering…

How the heck do I read a story embedded in a NFT?!

The open-source project I’m building for just that, TokenScope.

You can also read the serial NFT stories on their dedicated pages: SPECTRAL KNIGHTS | FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC.

Why did I create TokenScope and open-source it?

I was frustrated that NFT sites didn’t seem to give much love to the wonderful words in a token’s description field. So, I taught myself a little javascript, and I made a website that displays the token description in a way that’s not only legible, it’s pleasant.

The site renders Markdown, which I just happen to use to style my text so that it’s easy on the eyes. The website is extremely experimental, and I’ll be making improvements as I can, but it works.


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Legal Information & Intellectual Property Notice:

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That said, if you want to use my intellectial property to create a derivative work, ask ahead of time! As an author and artist who takes their craft seriously, I tend to get along well with others who do as well.

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