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My Author Platform 2.0

I recently decided to rebuild my website and platform. I had been using a simple WordPress site and had been paying a significant monthly fee for an email list management / bulk sending provider. I have a hosting plan and I can install WordPress on my sites, so...

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State of the Matto (Jan-2020)

2019 had some rough spots, but I overcame them. Now, I'm looking forward with a fresh outlook. In 2019 I wrote a book and started its sequel, I started world-building a fantasy realm, and I started to learn game design by inventing some space-themed board games. I had...

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Side Effects

In 2019 I went from 195 pounds after my surgery to 155 pounds. I decided I wanted to eat less and move more, and I did. But something else happened too. I almost entirely stopped drinking. I had been in the habit of enjoying a drink at night, even when my partners...

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