State of the Matto (Jan-2020)

2019 had some rough spots, but I overcame them. Now, I’m looking forward with a fresh outlook. In 2019 I wrote a book and started its sequel, I started world-building a fantasy realm, and I started to learn game design by inventing some space-themed board games. I had hoped to finish the sequel, but delays and shifting priorities slid it backward on the timeline. My author platform (website, mailing list service, etc) is expensive, and it’s not working for me. I followed the guidance of ‘pros’ in the field, but I just couldn’t adapt myself to their workflow. I spent…

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Side Effects

In 2019 I went from 195 pounds after my surgery to 155 pounds. I decided I wanted to eat less and move more, and I did. But something else happened too. I almost entirely stopped drinking. I had been in the habit of enjoying a drink at night, even when my partners weren’t enjoying a drink. Rarely ever would I have two drinks by myself, but with friends, I’d likely have two, or maybe even three. I stopped mostly due to diet, to avoid excess calories. At first, I started drinking low calorie hard seltzers, but soon the taste bothered…

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Changes Ahead

This January we realized that my house had old termite damage that wasn’t disclosed, an active termite infestation, and a lot of water entering the house and causing damage. This significantly impacted the home renovation timeline, and I put a lot of my personal goals on hold. I certainly accomplished a lot in the bulk of 2019, including recovering from elbow surgery, building a 550 square foot stone patio; building a custom, glass and oak banister; replacing damaged siding and millwork; repairing the house’s rim joist and reinforcing floor joists; installing three support beams in the crawlspace; and designing (and…

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I swear, World, you will not stop me!

I started writing the new book yesterday, then it stormed like crazy and water started flowing into my house like a river… I didn’t get much done on the book.

But I’ve got a plan, and after a late run to the hardware store for materials, I’ll really get to work. I’ll show you, World, I’m writing this book AND fixing my house.

Take that! (But seriously, if you could chill for a bit, that’d be great.)