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Audiobooks Begin!

Want to know a secret? I’ve been an audiobook narrator for awhile, reading everything from history to romance. I’m not great, but I’m not that bad either. Anyway, I’m finally ready to begin recording my own personal audiobooks! First I’m going to record, edit, master,...

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Sophia’s Journal!

I realized that the Infinite Vampire series needed a prequel, but I'm not normal. Instead of just writing one, I wanted to do something different. So I wrote it, in the form of a 18 year old's journal. Then I worked with a woman to make sure I had an accurate...

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No Thanks, Bitly

I write books that include additional web content, and if I put a link into a book, I want a nice, short link that's easy for a reader to type into a browser. Bitly is a free option out there, but before I put Bitly links in my books (and published them), I looked at...

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