Trashy Romance ARC

What’s an ARC?

ARC stands for Advance Reader Copy, and it’s a almost-final version of a book that publishers send out to readers so that when the final version is published, it can immediately start to collect reviews. The books may have minor issues, like spelling or punctuation errors, but that’s okay because they’re pre-final. The reviews of ARC books should focus on content and style more than proofreading.

Reviews are imporant for any author or publisher, but they are CRUCIAL for independent authors and publishers like me.

If you’d be willing to post an honest review on retailer’s websites when the book goes live, I’d be happy to send you an ARC copy!  ♥

Something important to keep in mind:

It’s important that you match the target audience of the books in the Trashy Romance series. I mean, readers who love Stephen King novels probably aren’t being asked to rate J.K. Rowling novels. Same thing applies here: you need to make sure that you actually want to read the kind of books these are.

What are the books like? Well, they’re romance novels with either ‘happy ever after’ or ‘happy-for-now’ endings. They’re sexy, with ‘scorching’ heat level, which means that there’s adult–possibly crude–language in the explicit sex scenes. Also, a lot of the characters are sex-positive, meaning they have progressive attitudes regarding sex and sexuality. Finally, there’s a bunch of sexy sex scenes in these TRASHY ROMANCE novels!

Many characters (not all) are either non-monogamous or queer in some way, and some people in these books are gender-nonconforming. Nowhere do the books ever disparage monogamy or traditional values; just some/most of the main characters in these books don’t choose to live that way. This series strives to be very inclusive.



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