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M. Lorrox is a multi-genre, American author.

Member of the Horror Writers Association since 2015.

Infinite Vampire is an urban fantasy, action & adventure series of novels.

It has a lot of fun explosions and some touchy-feely stuff / coming of age mumbo jumbo.

It’ll probably be the biggest world I create, and it’ll definitely have the most t-shirts.

Spectral Knights is a serial fantasy story where the fate of the world(s) rests in your hands.

Fan-Frickin-Tastic is a serial fantasy story where the sh*t has really hit the fan!

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Genres: Action & Adventure, Horror, Paranormal, Zombies, Apocalypse, Vampires



I wanted to write a crazy awesome apocalyptic series of feature-length movie scripts, but I wrote them as novels instead. About 500,000 words later, I’m just waiting for Netflix to call… Hold onto your butts; these novels move FAST!




Vampires + Zombies
= Blood and Guts


 The players and the stakes are getting big and bloody.


Time to retool and punch fate in the face.


Life in the Blood —
Death in the Blood

Readers are saying great things about Infinite Vampire:


A very unique take on the world of vampire storytelling. A must-read for anyone interested in the genre.

– Joshua (Amazon Reviewer)


The solid, engaging characters, combined with this author’s seamless, vivid, imaginative writing and twists and turns aplenty, have had me slack-jawed and with bated breath, ravenously eager to read what happens next.

– Mari (Amazon Reviewer)


This is such a great book. It’s not your typical vampire story, love how the author puts his own take on what a vampire is.

– Juliet (Amazon Reviewer)


The main story line is beautifully woven with separate lives. It’s dynamic and alluring. It will forever change what you think of a vampire, but for the better. This is a must read….

– Cathy (Amazon Reviewer)


Okay, I am going to start by saying a huge KUDOS to Mr. M. Lorrox for making me laugh, scream, and cry all in a few chapters. It’s been a while since I have read a book this thrilling, way to go!

– Amanda (Amazon Reviewer)


I absolutely loved this series and hope this is made into a tv series/movies.

– Joseph (Amazon Reviewer)

Hi, I’m Matto, an indie author, publisher, designer, artist, and more. I write in a variety of genres, all under the name, M. Lorrox. While most say that’s a bad thing to do, I just don’t care. I’ve published spiritual poetry, action & adventure insanity, contemporary romance, and apocalyptic fantasy.

I like writing awesome stories about good people perservering over the challenges in life, be it in our reality or another. I’m feminist and queer, and my heroes/heroines are typically progressive.

Besides work, I enjoy pursuing hobbies like archery, playing bass guitar, building furniture, drawing, and programming. I also love drinking coffee, tweaking my kombucha, and riding motorcycles!

If you’d like to learn more, check out the About Me page.