Exciting News: I recently started publishing a pair of serial stories!

I’ll be posting entries into each series on my site, where you can read for free, and I’ll also be selling rare digital collectibles of these stories. “Fan-Frickin-Tastic” is special in that I’ll be polling to decide story elements and plot points! 

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M. Lorrox is a multi-genre, contemporary, American author.

As a member of the Horror Writers Association and Romance Writers of America…

…there’s a good chance you might hate some of my books. (Ha!)

Infinite Vampire is an urban fantasy, action & adventure series of novels.

It has a lot of fun explosions and some touchy-feely stuff / coming of age mumbo jumbo.

Trashy Romance is a contemporary, blue-collar, sex-positive series of novels.

It has progressive, often feminist characters, lots of sexy sex, and loads of lovable trashiness.

Spectral Knights is a serial fantasy story where the fate of the world(s) rests in your hands.

Fan-Frickin-Tastic is a serial fantasy story where NFT buyers guide the story through voting.


Welcome to the site! -Matto (the person who writes M. Lorrox)

Genres: Contemporary, Scorching Romance, Blue-Collar, LGBTQ+, Pansex, Non-Monogamy



When Jackie kicks her boyfriend to the curb, sexy garbageman Luke Montero is there to help her take out the trash… But can he also help her throw away her preconceptions about casual sex? Can she show him that he’s more than a hot night of sweaty fun?

Curbside Pickup is the stand-alone first novel in the Trashy Romance series of scorching, blue-collar, sex-positive, LGBTQ+ inclusive love stories.




Businesswoman Dawn Bradford isn’t normally uptight, even if she walks like she is sometimes. When she meets hot-shot chef in training Michael Marshall, however, more than just their love lives get shaken up. As they explore deep, dark, and secret places, the tension between them boils over. Can he learn to be humble and follow someone else’s lead? Can she learn to appreciate the finer aesthetics of life and his unique passions?

I got tired of seeing stories about bizillionaires, so I’m writing almost a million words about blue-collar heroes and heroines. Also, the characters and stories are pretty funny, somewhat queer, super sexy, and action-packed/suspenseful… What can I say, I am who I am, and I likes what I likes.

The Trashy Romance series is comprised of feature-length novels (75k-125k words).

Loads of Love

Naughty ‘Round Back

Releasing 2/15/2021

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Genres: Action & Adventure, Horror, Paranormal, Zombies, Apocalypse, Vampires



I wanted to write a crazy awesome apocalyptic series of feature-length movie scripts, but I wrote them as novels instead. About 500,000 words later, I’m just waiting for Netflix to call… Hold onto your butts; these novels move FAST!




Vampires + Zombies
= Blood and Guts


 The players and the stakes are getting big and bloody.


Time to retool and punch fate in the face.


Life in the Blood —
Death in the Blood

Readers are saying great things about Infinite Vampire:


A very unique take on the world of vampire storytelling. A must-read for anyone interested in the genre.

– Joshua (Amazon Reviewer)


The solid, engaging characters, combined with this author’s seamless, vivid, imaginative writing and twists and turns aplenty, have had me slack-jawed and with bated breath, ravenously eager to read what happens next.

– Mari (Amazon Reviewer)


This is such a great book. It’s not your typical vampire story, love how the author puts his own take on what a vampire is.

– Juliet (Amazon Reviewer)


The main story line is beautifully woven with separate lives. It’s dynamic and alluring. It will forever change what you think of a vampire, but for the better. This is a must read….

– Cathy (Amazon Reviewer)


Okay, I am going to start by saying a huge KUDOS to Mr. M. Lorrox for making me laugh, scream, and cry all in a few chapters. It’s been a while since I have read a book this thrilling, way to go!

– Amanda (Amazon Reviewer)


I absolutely loved this series and hope this is made into a tv series/movies.

– Joseph (Amazon Reviewer)

Hi, I’m Matto, an indie author, publisher, designer, and voice actor. I write in a variety of genres, all under the name, M. Lorrox. While most say that’s a bad thing to do, I just don’t care. I’ve published spiritual poetry; action & adventure insanity; and now, contemporary romance.

I like writing awesome stories about good people perservering over the challenges in life, be it in our reality or another. I’m feminist and queer, and my heroes/heroines are typically progressive people.

Besides work, I enjoy pursuing hobbies like archery, playing bass guitar, building furniture, and drawing. I also love drinking coffee, tweaking my kombucha brews, and riding motorcycles!

If you’d like to learn more, check out the About Me page.