Is for you? They just made a big announcement., a free publishing service provider, just announced that it has added a feature; providing a custom publisher name with the ISBN.

This is actually very good news. ISBN’s if bought individually are absurdly expensive at $125 a piece. Buying in bulk offers significant discounts: 10 for $295, or 100 for $575. Before Pronoun’s recent change, you could use your own, purchased separately ISBN, and you could have your publishing company’s name on the copyright page. Before, if you used one of Pronoun’s free ISBN’s, then Pronoun was listed as the publisher. It was a hard choice for independent publishers who

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QG Editing Update!

I just finished the second editing pass of Infinite Vampire II: Queen’s Gambit!

Here are some stats on its progressed so far: After 1st WRITE, wordcount was 135,000. Because I was still working at a “real” job, I didn’t track my hours and just wrote whenever I could. I can safely say that it at least took 200 hours. After 1st EDIT, wordcount was 130,000. I spent 50 hours on the pass. After 2nd EDIT, wordcount was 142,000. I spent 80 hours on the pass.

Weird, right?

Well, Queen’s Gambit is a thriller, and I sent it out to my beta readers after the first edit pass. They

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Sophia’s Journal!

I realized that the Infinite Vampire series needed a prequel, but I’m not normal. Instead of just writing one, I wanted to do something different. So I wrote it, in the form of a 18 year old’s journal. Then I worked with a woman to make sure I had an accurate teen-girl’s perspective. Then I hired a young woman with robot-perfect handwriting (in my opinion) to transcribe it. Then I planned and drew over two dozen custom illustrations to add into the book. Then I spent a week scanning all the images, photoshopping any errors, and

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No Thanks, Bitly

I write books that include additional web content, and if I put a link into a book, I want a nice, short link that’s easy for a reader to type into a browser. Bitly is a free option out there, but before I put Bitly links in my books (and published them), I looked at their terms and conditions ( Here’s the part that made me spit my coffee all over my screen: (Copied from their terms on 11/12/17) “License Grants

  • License to Bitly By submitting User Content through the Services, you hereby do and shall grant Bitly a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully

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